The club has a large track with sandy ground,  a warm-up track with sandy ground, a large stable with space for 35 horses, the clubhouse with all nessesary equipment, cafeteria and snack bar.

The grounds cover a total of 12 acres of privately owned land.

Various free riding tracks begin from the club, that pass through the woods and the mountains surrounding our location.

The club owns 20 horses, and provides housing for 10 club member’s horses at the moment.

We organize about one local race, horse jumping and horse show every month open entry to everyone.

Around the club there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, cafes, water sports, clubs etc within 5 minutes driving distance.

Lakis Hatzivasiliou has developed his own philosophy and theory in horses and riding. Many people say he is a whisperer. 56 years alone in Rhodes he managed to develop champions in Greece and the Balkans.

Lakis is also training horses for shows like jousting, falling and playing with respect for the horses. He was the trainer and manager of Rhodes Mounted Municipal Police horses since 1996 when it was founded.